Things we've done

We love making things! Like a bunch of joyous children, we create a plethora of projects and love to share them with the world. Below you'll see a few of the services we are currently involved in. We also do custom projects for companies and organisations, should the need arise.


PonEE is an effort to offer hosting and management of Apache Pony Mail (Incubating) for companies and non-profits.
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Snoot is a project activity aggregator, primarily designed for FLOSS communities. It allows communities to get a quick overview of the overall activity of one or more projects, or delve into specific details about commits, tickets, emails etc. Furthermore, Snoot allows for advanced comparisons between groups of people, be that companies or just a team. Snoot is currently in beta-testing, you may acquire access to it for your team by contacting us. is a mailing list service with built-in online archive features using Apache Pony Mail.
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picoAPI is a collection of text analysis APIs available at a very low cost. It is currently in alpha testing.
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